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  • On January 1st 2007 – Jet Delivery, Inc implemented a rate increase of approximately 3%  across the board for Critical Service. Other rate increases include the following:

    - Minimum charge for day rate is increased from $18.55 to $24.50
    - Minimum charge for Mini Stake was increased from $37.50 to $47.50
    - Overtime rates between 7:01pm to 6:59am will increase from $58.30 to $65.00

    Rates that were not affected by an increase are as follows:
    - Stake truck Minimum and overtime minimum charge (129.50 and $194.25
    - White Glove Minimum charge ($35.00)

    About Jet Delivery
    Jet Delivery is a leading provider of emergency transportation solutions in California with an ever-expanding presence. Through its network of qualified carriers and own resources positioned throughout the United States, Jet Delivery has the capability to move shipments across town or across country within a matter of hours.

    Founded in Los Angeles in 1950, Jet Delivery is privately held company. For more information on Jet Delivery, please visit