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  • Jet Delivery, a leading expedited delivery and logistics provider in the United States, announced today that on July 1st (07/01/2008) AMPM Special Delivery clients will be joining Jet Delivery which will continue to provide the same, excellent service that they have been accustomed to with as little change as possible. Through this transition, clients will now have access to additional services that were not formally available. In a matter of speaking, they will have the best of both companies. AM PM Clients will now have access to an array of online tools (quoting, tracking, shipping, report manager, active shipment view, etc...) 24/7 customer service, warehousing, logistic services as well as many choices of newly available service types. Also, in most cases, Jet Delivery's response time may be faster and the shipping costs may be reduced.

    "It's been a pleasure serving our customers over the past four decades, and it will be a pleasure to serve them in the coming years," said Scott Averill, President/CEO of AMPM. "Although the name is going away, Jet Delivery is committed to delivering the same great service that AMPM customers have come to rely on. In fact, don't be surprised to find many of the AMPM personnel now affiliated with Jet Delivery next time you call in to schedule a shipment."

    As an AMPM customer, there is nothing you need to do to aid in this transition. Next time you wish to schedule a shipment, just dial the same number you have always dialed, and you will reach Jet Delivery. From there, you can do business as usual. If you would like access to online tools, any of the CSR's will be happy to provide you with your new account number.

    About Jet Delivery
    Jet Delivery is a leading provider of emergency transportation solutions in California with an ever-expanding presence. Through its network of qualified carriers and own resources positioned throughout the United States, Jet Delivery has the capability to move shipments across town or across country within a matter of hours.

    Founded in Los Angeles in 1950, Jet Delivery is privately held company. For more information on Jet Delivery, please visit