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  • Jet Delivery, a leading expedited delivery and logistics provider in the United States, has developed a survey feature that allows customers to grade their experience with Jet Delivery.

    Jet Delivery has developed a survey that allows customers to grade their experience with Jet Delivery's customer service. Aware of the negative feelings most people have towards surveys, this survey is designed to be extremely brief but at the same time allows the customer to be as detailed or thorough as they would like. The survey allows the customer to comment or grade each portion of the order process, step by step from when the order is placed to the billing or invoicing portion of the order, or they have the option to only grade one specific step of the order process. The purpose or goal of this survey is to achieve the best practices of customer service.

    The survey link can be found at the bottom of each email confirmation that is sent at the time the order is placed and again at the time the order is completed. If you are not currently receiving these email confirmations and you would like to, or if you have any question regarding the survey, call 800 716-7177.

    About Jet Delivery
    Jet Delivery is a leading provider of emergency transportation solutions in California with an ever-expanding presence. Through its network of qualified carriers and own resources positioned throughout the United States, Jet Delivery has the capability to move shipments across town or across country within a matter of hours.

    Founded in Los Angeles in 1950, Jet Delivery is privately held company. For more information on Jet Delivery, please visit