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  • Jet Delivery, a leading expedited delivery and logistics provider in the United States, announced today that they have designed a T-Shirt to give to their customers as a sign of appreciation.

    In early September a few Jet Delivery employees were reminiscing about the economy and how tough it was for so many companies right now. The subject came up, “What is something that Jet Delivery could do to show its clients that we really appreciate them and every order they give us.” It was Robert Munguia (Jet Delivery’s HR Director) that first came up with the T-Shirt idea. Robert said, “why don’t we have a competition between all the employees, we’ll see who can come up with the best T-Shirt design and then print shirts we can give away” So the project was born. For the next two weeks different designs were flying around the office. The winning design can be seen by clicking on Winning Shirt Design.

    It’s a pleasure to provide service and support our customers, and we hope you will accept this T-shirt as a sign of our appreciation.

    About Jet Delivery
    Jet Delivery is a leading provider of emergency transportation solutions in California with an ever-expanding presence. Through its network of qualified carriers and own resources positioned throughout the United States, Jet Delivery has the capability to move shipments across town or across country within a matter of hours.

    Founded in Los Angeles in 1950, Jet Delivery is privately held company. For more information on Jet Delivery, please visit