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  • Jet Delivery, a leading expedited delivery and logistics provider in the United States, celebrated its 60th Birthday last month.

    On October 15, 2010, Jet Delivery turned 60 years old. Jet Delivery was founded by James F. Zahner on October 15, 1950 with the capital raised from the sale of a used Maytag washing machine. It was initially located on Venice and Main Street in Los Angeles, CA. The first vehicles used were a 1932 Ford Model B, a 1934 Ford Sedan, an Indian motorcycle with a sidecar and a Cushman motorcycle. There was only one girl taking orders by telephone.

    Today, Jet Delivery is a leading provider of same day courier and logistic services within the continental United States, equipped with vehicles designed to meet all shipping needs. Over the course of the next decade, Jet Delivery will work to expand its presence in both new and existing markets while improving customer service, as well as deploy new technology to provide customers with the highest level of service.

    To learn more about the history of Jet Delivery visit Jet Delivery History

    About Jet Delivery
    Jet Delivery is a leading provider of emergency transportation solutions in California with an ever-expanding presence. Through its network of qualified carriers and own resources positioned throughout the United States, Jet Delivery has the capability to move shipments across town or across country within a matter of hours.