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Information on Privacy (at)

Jet Delivery would like to assure visitors that protecting the privacy of their customers is extremely important. Any information that is acquired via will solely be used to improve upon customer service relations and will never be shared to a third party (unless required of by law).

Personal Information

Some features located on require personal information (i.e. first and last name, phone number, email address, etc.). In some cases, this personal information will be stored in order to provide customers with the best possible service. It has been, and always will be, the concern of Jet Delivery to maintain their customers' trust. Hence, Jet Delivery will never reveal their customers' personal information to any third party (unless required of by law).

Computer Information

Each time a visitor connects to, the following information is captured: date and time of visit, type and version of internet browser, type and version of operating system, domain name, referring website and user IP address. Aside from statistical purposes, acquiring this data enables Jet Delivery to build a more secure website.


Applications including, but not limited to, SmartFlight Manager and SmartShip Manager can only function correctly if a cookie, or a number of cookies, is/are placed on the visitor’s device. These cookies will only be placed on the visitor’s device if the browser used securely accepts cookies. Also, the cookies may automatically be deleted from the visitor’s device immediately following their “signoff” from the application(s). (Note: the user may delete the cookie at any time if he or she wishes to do so.)

Some applications on require a password to gain access. At login, these applications will allow the user to either manually login each time he or she wishes to use the application or have a cookie placed on his or her device to enable automatic login. If the visitor decides to allow to place a cookie on his or her device, it is important to understand that this cookie can be removed at anytime.

Shipment Information

Jet Delivery will retain information about shipments to provide better customer service as well as to insure that they are in compliance with the rules set forth by the U.S. government. Retaining this shipment information enables Jet Delivery to provide their customers with tracking, PODs, answers to inquiries, etc... When retention periods expire, Jet Delivery completely deletes shipment information.

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