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  • LA VERNE, CA.--(COMPANY NEWS)--Sep.16, 2005 - In the past months, the management staff at Jet Delivery has been hard at work trying to reconcile higher operation costs with the high standards that Jet Delivery’s customers expect. What they came up with works out to be about a 4% increase over the previous price structure on all services provided by Jet Delivery.

    The 4% will not only help counterbalance the higher operation costs that Jet Delivery is faced with, but more importantly, it will insure that Jet Delivery has sufficient resources to invest in new technologies. These new technologies guarantee speed and precision on Jet Delivery’s side as well as convenience on the customer’s side. Jet Delivery is excited to begin sharing some of these new developments with its customers in the near future to show them exactly why it leads the way in the modern same-day shipping industry.

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    If you have questions or concerns, please contact your Jet Delivery, Inc. Account Representative or call 1-800-716-7177.