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Email Scam - Alert

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E-mail Phishing Scam


Many online users have been targeted by a scam which references Victims of this scam are solicited to “work from home.” They typically receive an email similar to the following:

  • Hello Jobseeker,

    Please find below new interest in your resume from our Employer:

    Job Information:
    Job Title: Coordinator of Delivery Department
    Location: USA, All States
    Job Type: Home based, part-time
    Salary: 35,000$-45,000$ + Bonuses
    Company Name: JET DELIVERY, INC.

    Message From Job Poster:

    Please find out the information about our available position.

    E-mail for resume:
    Contact name: John Tramblton


    Leadership & Self Development
    Work with supervisor to establish individual development goals
    Meet/exceed individual development goals and objectives.
    Promote teamwork and a positive working environment in order to achieve team goals.
    Participate in team-training sessions consistent with AddressUsa & Service process

    Consistently meet/exceed all delivery goals, retention goals and customer service standards.

    Proactively profile customer needs and match our products features & benefits to those needs.
    Effectively utilize decision/exception tools to support valuable customer retention

    Operations & Compliance
    Assist in the compliance of all aspects of the Leadership Scorecard
    Perform Teller responsibilities, as needed


    Other duties as required

    Job Requirements
    A) Education:

    School strongly required.

    B) Experience:

    Not required.

    C) Job Skills / Knowledge:
    Strong customer service skills
    Ability acquire knowledge of competitors products, services, and strategies
    Working knowledge of computer and processing skills (E-Mail, Internet, Word, Excel, etc.).
    Ability to learn all software systems that support branch transportation processing.
    Strong commitment to achieving personal growth and success
    Good verbal and written communication skills.
    Good organizational skills.

    If you are interested in this position, please e-mail us your resume at:

At this time, to the best of our knowledge, they ultimately try to get the victim to perform something called “Package Forwarding” or “Reshipping.” Which is explained here at the FBI’s IC3 (internet crime division) site.

If you have received one of these e-mails, but have yet to respond, we encourage you to simply delete the message. If, however, you have had contact, traded any personal information and/or even received a package, we highly recommend you file a report with the FBI’s IC3 and/or contact your local police or sheriff’s department.