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Accessorial Charges

Detention time

Detention time (sometimes referred to as waiting time) may be assessed when it's necessary for the driver to wait at either a pickup or delivery location. A limited amount of detention time is allowed free of charge for every shipment, however once that limit is exceeded, a charge will occur.


The total weight of your shipment is an important rate factor for most service types.

Hazardous Material

An additional fifty percent is charged for all HAZMAT shipments.

Appointment time

An additional fee may be assessed when a specific pickup or delivery time is requested. By design, our intention is to pickup your package from point A and deliver to point B as quickly as possible. In order for us to meet special pickup or delivery windows, we are usually required to either delay or hold a driver. This changes our standard operating procedure and impacts our daily operations.

Cash Payout

A service fee is charged for cash payouts.

Over Night Storage Fee

Additional fees apply to shipments which are held overnight, or over a span of days. A flat fee is assessed for each day we hold your shipment. These fees vary by service type.