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Internet Shipping


Shipping online is easier than ever. You can use Smartship Manager to help you to prepare documents, book pickups, manage contact details, run reports and track your shipments with a few simple keystrokes.

You don't have to be a shipping expert to provide an expert service. Smartship Manager enables you to respond to any shipping request within moments. SmartShip Manager allows you to manage shipping smoothly and efficiently, so it doesn't disrupt your day. And you can offer a level of service that will impress customers and colleagues alike.

With a click of a mouse you can:

  • Get real-time rates specific to your company.
  • Check estimated transit times.
  • See the latest details about your enroute shipmen.t
  • Print shipping labels.
  • Run management reports on past shipping activity.
  • Update your contact information in real-time.
  • View flight schedules for next flight out shipments.
  • Keep us in check by running on-time performance reports against the shipments you've booked with us.